Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things That Make You...

Want to push a stack of books onto someones foot and say "OH, whoops, I didn't see you there!"

1: Leila: "The sit down computers are all being used right now, you can have a stand up one"

Extremely Obnoxious Patron (EOP) "So I can't use one?"

Leila: "I am sorry all the computers are being used right now, it will be 45 minutes or so until one is free"

EOP: "So I have to use these? I have been shopping on my feet all day, I am tired."

Leila: "I am sorry all the computers are currently being used you will have to use a stand up one"

EOP: "So I can't use one?"

I am still not sure when this line of questioning ended...probably when Leila went into the back to drown herself in herbal popcorn to keep from punching the lady in the face.

2: Sneeze Wheeze, wipe your nose with your hand and then hand the book to me with the SAME hand...

Yes, THANK YOU for introducing the black plague to me and my family, when it kills me I will haunt you from the grave.

3. Again with the EOP...So, Um, do you think if you hit that key harder it will work better???

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