Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yeah I know, I am a freak...

…a freaking freak for all intensive purposes. As I sit here typing, on my second glass of wine, after hearing hammers plugging a long all day (all month really,) and tile was laid, and all the other really...well you know, absolutely breath taking exciting things going on in my life...I write as a new member of Facebook.

OK so you are all "that is sooooo no big deal, even Obama is on face book...for goodness sake, even McCain is on face book for that matter." Yeah I know, and for the record...


I signed up after my best friend from High School, and I dare say the only one who knows about my Beaker obsession (which I will touch on later) got on, and convinced you know, twisting my arm, blackmailing and bribing me with the email "wanna try this?" I mean who can resist that??? Not me.

So after 5000 emails about how to increase the size of my manliness, and how to improve my sex life... I have signed on with Facebook... (On a side note: have you all noticed a huge increase in the amount of completely inappropriate emails you get after signing on?)

I will say that while I may feel like a complete "old chick in a short skirt" about the whole thing, since I don't know how to DO anything....I have enjoyed getting back in touch with some of my old friends. Many of my girlfriends from college are on, and have asked me to be their friend...sniff sniff, I know it IS AWESOME...

Not to mention a few others that are important to me, like a friend of mine from High School named Chris, who is probably one of the most inspirational people in my life...and another friend from High school, Tom, who...well, do I even begin to explain him. He is about the funniest person I have ever met, and it was only after we fell out of touch that my nose started to heal after years of spewing milk out of it at lunch. He is about the nicest, kindest and not the least of which funniest people I know.

So here I sit, being an old chick, who is embracing the whole, you know...Internet thang...between my blog and Facebook, who knows, I may just have a blackberry before the end of it...(or are those are not cool anymore???) Oh well, I am just going to ride my new millennium wave while I can.

Leila aren’t you proud???

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