Monday, August 4, 2008

Brad's Garage Update #8

I haven't done one of these in a while, because it was hard to take pictures of the progress. But bright and early oh say 6:30ish, I was inundated with tool belt toting work men. In the time it took me to have a conversation with my mother, which albeit was a long one, I had the electrician, plumber, dry-waller’s, CMP (our electric company) and the builder all show up. So needless to say, it is starting to get to the final crunch. I suppose this is good because otherwise Kathleen and her family, who are coming on Thursday night, would have a hard time staying here…well, unless they wanted to stay in a no electricity open sided addition!

The otherday we had all the insulation put in, so right now the girls are thrilled to have pepto pink walls, much to their chagrin they won't stay that way.

OK so, here are the latest details… Siding is all but done. “Rob the Builder” is finishing up the dormer and front today now that the electric has been moved to the side. But here is what it looks like from the back:

We have now taken out the doorway in the hall so that the drywall can be laid in, so there is no separating the new from old anymore, and they have already drywalled the garage, as you can see below. We have bought the bathroom stuff, and the tile, and Dave is coming tomorrow to lay the tile and get the bathroom switch over done! So I would say that by the end of tomorrow I will have some more updating to do, but until then these pics will have to tide you over!

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