Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Picture it: The serenity of the garden, a beautiful blue sky, nice breeze, the sound of the birds in the woods as you attempt to fight blight. (My summer long battle)

and your 7 year old running toward you screaming with blood all over her face and dripping onto her shirt.

ahhhh the serenity of parenthood.

So just when I expect to see a masked man wielding a chainsaw come chasing behind her, she starts laughing...and I realize...oh wait, my child has not been mauled by a psychopath...her front tooth fell out.

I have yet to figure out why this particular child seems to bleed so profusely from the mouth every time a tooth leaves her body...some how it is like her teeth decide to end their lives in tragic and melodramatic way...they must be in the acting business...

Yup my child has graduated from snaggle tooth to toothless...

***I wrote this on 8/2, both when I still had TIME, and when there WERE blue skies in Maine... I forgot to publish it, so I am now, since I have insomnia and I have had time to proof read it...right MOM???????

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