Monday, April 14, 2008

An acknowlegement of my real age.

I do believe that I am not 25 anymore...I know this because after I put my contacts in I have to remold the shape of my eye, where my skin has lost all its elasticity and stays all crumpled up where I pull it down otherwise.

I know this because the much in-style tube top has made me have to jump off the fashion train. If I wore one of these, it would be so low that people would wonder how I injured my knees, and why I have them wrapped together like that....

I know this because I can watch touching shows, or adds, or info-mercials, or sporting events, or boxing matches...and get choked up at the beauty of it all. (I do believe that sappiness must come with age...what up wit that?????)

I know this because even though I had a sick desire to watch "Rock of Love" I was so disgusted that I felt I needed a shower after watching it for 10 minutes (This feeling was validated by my other not-25 year old friend Dana) And I will never admit to watching it, but last night, I was TOTALLY pulling for the "old" lady to win...instead of crazy Daisy with her silicone body and GINORMOUS lips, and she did. NOT that I watched it or anything....

I know I am not 25 because now, If I have too much wine, I can no longer get up in the morning and know that the bags under my eyes (large enough now for a substantial vacation packing) don't disappear by noon, but instead grow darker and bigger as the day goes on... and I am hoping that after Saturday night, (when I thought I was still 25,) they will disappear this decade sometime.

But alas, not all is lost, I can still read the YA books that Leila recommends and feel that I have something in common with these characters, we are both searching for something. They are searching for their future self...I am searching for my past self...but, we are both searching... Granted they are searching on the World Wide Web and through their I-pods, and I am flipping through newspapers and 45's but hey, who is keeping track?

Well, with that, I will get on with my old self and eat something soft, like soup for lunch! Have a good old day y'all.

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Leila said...

And that is the fabulousity of YA.