Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World wind tour of the East Coast

OK so my 30 seconds of fame are over, I am back to my regular readers, don't worry I didn't let it go to my head, and I am pretty sure that the head shots that I sent People Magazine will be returned soon.  But it was fun while it lasted!

Well we are here, mostly in one piece...my thumb is still growing back.  (However, this does concern me.  Does that mean that I am part starfish or something?  Maybe I should be concerned about the preservatives that I am ingesting?)

We have had a crazy route thus not writing yesterday.  We went to North Carolina via northern Maine...yeah I know, that just makes SOOOOO much sense you say.  Well it was all for good reason.  Let us break for a brief moment of parental bragging.  Just give me this, because while my parenting skills are not winning me any awards, my offspring seem to be thriving.  Kind of like Dung Beetles, they may live in bad conditions but they really thrive in them.  hmmm...I am pretty sure that I just compared my children to Dung Beetles that's going to cost me in therapy later isn't it?

My moms spirit is looking over my shoulder and saying stop rambling... soooo here is my bragging:  My daughter's DI team had gotten second in regional, and went to states, where they again got second.  (She was not happy with this, WE  on the other hand were, well, totally OK with it!)  For many reasons, mostly because it is pretty awesome to come in second in the state in something like DI when you are in fourth grade, but if I am really honest, also a little because first place meant going to global's in Knoxville in 3 weeks... After sitting in a car for 3 hours Friday, 3 hours Saturday, 10 hours Sunday and 4 hours Monday, my butt is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and is starting to atrophy.  I think that if I confronted it and said to sit in a car for another 16 hours in three weeks, it would break free of me and run for the border... this might not be bad, but considering my butt while it may be wide, is already flat, so being assless is not the most attractive vision I have of myself.

I know I know, this is nothing compared with the world travels of many of you*.  But let me tell you I have been in the trenches.  It isn't easy to juggle snacks, changing movies, yelling, fighting, throwing, developing life threatening consequences to smooshing food on the fabric of car seats, phone calls from concerned parents and the thoughtful responses to questions like:  "Why is NC so far away?"  "When are we going to stop again I have to pee?"  and "Why are you not answering me?" 

But we are here, my mother didn't damn me to the garage, and I am sure that there will be something insightful that will happen while I am here that will keep me torturing you with my blog.  But for now, I am going to go out side and enjoy the freaking cold weather that NC has chosen to have this week, while in Maine, it is beautiful....I would just love if Murphy would quit enforcing his laws on me!

* A funny blog that I have been reading and living vicariously through certainly would laugh at my little petty drive in the car...but I am going to whine anyway!

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Jill-Marie Weaver said...

I think the Knoxville option should have rated MUCH higher on your list!!! :-)