Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Things that make you go HMMMMM

I have to admit it, I have had a book on my list as being in my bathroom...which it really isn't anymore, it is in my workout bag. because frankly, going to the bathroom was more interesting to me than the book was. I decided that when I was on the bike at the Y, and trying to think of anything other than if my fat butt was falling over the edges of the bike seat and the fact that sleazy screaming weight lifting guy* was checking out my fat butt very conspicuously and smiling in the mirror, was a better time to try and digest Eat Pray Love.

It isn't that the book itself is all that bad. Except for the fact that it is someone who was paid to be incredibly self absorbed and all, you know, "my life is so horrible because I left my husband, and got paid to go on this big trip to really cool places and whine incessantly about how horrific it all is, when there are people starving and living in squalor, in the countries that I am visiting."

I don't begrudge her, her heart felt journey through the torment of men. I believe that we have all been there. You know, begging at the feet of the biggest ass in the world (Gary), and thinking that maybe, just maybe, you could degrade yourself a little more and he would love you for it (he didn't). (Not that I like to admit that, but there have been times of weakness in my past too...don't tell)

But I had to draw the line of bathroom reading material and change to exercise reading material when I just couldn't take that book more than 2 times a week. (Now you know why my butt is falling over the edges of the bike seat...only 2 times a week does it sit on it!)

I mean who can write about their menial life almost every day. The boring ins and outs of every emotion and know, who is that self absorbed that they could do that and think that anyone would find it remotely entertaining....HMMMMMMMM Kind of like a BLOG??????? Perhaps I should give it another chance and put it back in my bathroom...and stop being so judgemental! LOL

* There will be more on SSWLG later, because, you know? He just needs some writing.


Jill-Marie Weaver said...

OK- that was soooo funny to me b/c the last time I really heard from Jenny- she was going ON AND ON AND ON about how great that book is!!! PERFECT!!!
Have you gotten Eat This, Not THat yet??

PIE said...

Jill, let me introduce myself...I am Leia, the one that DOESN'T SPEND It takes a PAINFULLY long time for me to make a simple purchase like a know I have to pray to the book gods, ask for a raise, and think long and hard about the long term implications of spending 13$ on MYSELF! Of course there is no dripping sarcasm here...LOL Love ya,