Thursday, April 17, 2008

The backpack was nothing...

We are headed out for holiday. This week is spring vacation and since Maine seems to be just starting to bud, we are going to see my folks in North Carolina where we thought surely spring has flung. But, when I looked at the weather, it seems that in Maine we are going to have pretty, in the 60's days, and in NC we are going to have thunder storms and yucky weather...So now I'm all "Oh great, going down south for freaking vacation! yeeeehaaaw"

I should already know this, but it seems to take me by surprise every time...taking a trip with 5 people, is much like preparing a bomb shelter you intend on living in for the next 6 months.

It can't be as easy as just getting the kids clothes into a bag...because you know, that would be easy. Since I live in the freaking Arctic, and it decided to snow into flipping April, I had to venture up into our attic to pull down all their summer clothes (which we have yet to even dream about wearing.) Then all those clothes have to be tried on, because apparently, I am part HUN and my children are ginormous and grow like 40 inches a year...(OK so maybe that is a tiny exaggeration, but seriously, my budget can barely keep up with their leg and foot growth!)

After many bribes, tears and beat downs, we finally figured out what will and won't fit. And having to convince my 9 year old that the shorts she wore last year have to go to her sister, other wise she will be offered money at street corners, and, no, that was not a good thing, was not easy. Being the eldest, she really does not like to share, and definitely NOT with her little sister.

But we managed, and only with one side my younger daughter has decided that since we got out all the spring/summer clothes, she should be wearing them to school already. You know? There are only so many battles that I can stand to have with them, so I just smirk to myself as my 6 year old stands shivering in her sandals and shorts waiting for me to scrape the ice off my windshield. Now, don't get all "that is so mean," we won't have ice much longer....Consequences, I am teaching her about Consequences I tell you!

Henry on the other hand, cries if you put short sleeves on him, because, being the creature of habit that he is, he has grown accustom to long sleeves. So he just cries and pulls at the short sleeves and asks where the rest of the shirt is...I seriously wonder about him.

ANYWAY, I am in the midst of piles of lovey bears, snacks, clothes and bags, and cleaning all the growing things out of the Hopefully we will be able to have a good know, after the 15 hour drive full of "I have to pee." "How much longer?" "Caroline is touching me, tell her she can't touch me." "Can we listen to Hannah Montana one more time?"

and "Wait, are you leaving us here on the side of the road for good? Or are you coming back to get us later???"

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