Friday, April 4, 2008


Is it fair for me to have books out of the library for a month or more at a time? Keeping them from other readers who might take a gander at the cover and say ahhhh that book looks interesting… Maybe, Maybe not. But let me ask you this… Is it fair that I was given the gift of reading so slowly that I could fall asleep between sentences?

Or perhaps I should ask is it fair that I get interrupted between each word with “Mom, she’s hitting me,” “Mom can I have something to eat?” “Mom, I am hungry,” “Mom, Henry peed in his pants and locked himself in the closet” “Mom my head is stuck in the banister” “Mom I think I need to go to the hospital here is my finger, can they sew those back on?”*

I mean really,….can’t a person read?

Thank goodness I work at the library and am fine free….I would have added a wing on. But I still do get haunted by the “Thursday Overdue” calls. Maybe I should tell them when they check out a book to me that they should just take it out of circulation until I return it, because it may take me a year to read the freaking thing!

I know I know….It is only a moment in time, and someday I am going to wish I had a medical emergency to interrupt my reading…Maybe.

*No children were harmed in the writing of this blog. All references to maiming and blood were fictitious so please stop calling CDS on me, thank you.

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Leila said...

I bet I've had my books out longer.