Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a Question

If you were going to get all mad at someone and get the balls to call them and yell at them....wouldn't you make sure you had the right person before you started your tirade on humanity?

Better yet, when they told you that you had not called the "Ho-bag" you intended, but rather the town library, wouldn't you stop and think it through?

Nope, that would just make too much sense. Last night while working my little shift at the town library, all innocently doing statistics and checking out books, minding my own business, doing the "stamping 2 weeks" thing...I get a phone call.

I say (in my ever so perky library phone voice) "Good Evening, Kennebunk Free Library, this is Leia speaking, can I help you?"

An apparently, violently jilted, patron started talking over me: "OH yeah right, I don't want to hear it, I don't want to hear it from you..."

I clear my throat, obviously taken aback by the seemingly angry patron, who must be pissed about having to renew a book or something, who is currently still exploding on the phone with various expletives and insults..."Excuse me? Um...this is the library..."

Violent Ho lady: "You know he told me you have been flashing it all over town, I don't want to hear it from you..."

Me: "Ummm...do you know you called the library?"

Phone line goes dead.

2 minutes later same person calls, Leila jumps to the phone,

Seemingly calm patron asks "Do you have a notary at your library?"

Leila: "Nope"

woman hangs up....I can only assume to go drown herself further in her Bourbon after realizing that she just yelled at a librarian for "flashing it all over town"...and then, face burning with the acknowledgment that they have caller ID....

We did not hear from her again last night.....

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