Thursday, April 10, 2008

Did we need MORE reason to Hate Wal-Mart???

Okay, so most of the time I am a fairly go lucky person, live and let live I say. But I tend to get really pissed off when the normal, trying to survive person gets hammered by a fortune 500.

Now, I do understand that this seems to be the new precedent in this country, but I don't have to like it. This story totally blew me out of the water.

The problem is, I get that Wal-Mart is very inexpensive... It is hard during these economic times not to go for the best price.... I can't say that I don't darken the sliding doors to hell either but seriously, This after they tried to amputate our feet with their poison flip flops???

Although it should come as no surprise that Wal-Mart will out live the mosquito's, after the whole Life insurance scandal thingy. (Which I was sure was true until I read this.)

So, I know that I have just had you binging all over the Internet reading incredibly boring articles on the evils of Wal-Mart...but doesn't it make you mad that a company that we support with our hard earned dollars is doing what ever they can to take even more of them in dishonesty and greed??? And I don't want to hear that damned...well that's Capitalism for you. Lets just not go there, But lets not go somewhere else either....WAL-MART.*

OOOOH look at me all political and everything....hmmm I am going to have to sit on a whoopy cushion in the library or something now to make up for the seriousness! Have a good one, and remember, don't wear toxic flip flops it could ruin your day.

*I would love to say that I will never go there again, and I know that I have cut down a great deal since the fear of my feet falling off, but I have to be IS hard to stop when you have to make our incredibly weak dollar go a whole lot further.....SUCH A QUANDARY.

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