Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fudgey Biscuits on Barbies

On our trip my daughter brought Barbie’s to play with. Henry sat in the same row as she did, and so, reluctantly, Caroline resorted to playing Barbie’s with him. This soon erupted into fighting as Henry seemed to strip all the Barbie’s and then stare at them. My daughter, understanding that this was…well…awkward, got distressed.

“Henry don’t take their clothes off!”
…to which he would violently scream back...
Which of course was followed by the very predictable fight of “yes”… “no.” After about 2 minutes of that banter I followed up with yelling “DO I NEED TO PULL THE CAR OVER?” This worked once or twice, but I had to stop saying that when Henry answered me, yelling in his loudest possible voice, “YES! YOU DO!”

I thought that the Barbie stripping was a thing of the past, a thing of the trip…alas, no, I came in the den today and saw him playing….

ME: “Were you just looking at the Barbie’s butt?

Henry: Sly smile “Yesss” (I fussed at him for saying yeah, so now he OVER pronounces his S to sound snakeish…ahhhh the buttons he pushes!)

ME: “Why were you looking at the Barbie’s bottom?”

Henry: “Because I like her fudgey biscuits*”

ME: Restraining a laugh “why?”

Henry: “Because they are cute…like mine”

Hmmmmmmm Should I be disturbed?????? Perhaps, perhaps not….I will tell you in about 16 years.

* The origination of Fudgey Biscuits: Biscuits were always butts around here. You know, "cutie bisuits" "Sassy Biscuits" etc... and well it just popped out of my mouth one day to him when I patted him on his butt…and it stuck….so there you go…my poor children when they take anatomy are going to fail.

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