Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Link...

that just makes me smile!


Mom, I can hear you laughing already....

and by the way....I do remember those rotary phones, and hating the 0's. And even more, I WAS my dads remote...and antennae holder, this was the job of the youngest. For those of you who lived in towns where they had cable, you may not remember what it was like when the TV antennae wasn't coming in clear unless you held it with one finger, stood on one foot and wrapped tin foil around your head to get clear reception.

I remember our first microwave, and how it was a miracle cooker and replaced our fancy "air popper" popcorn maker. (I also remember my mother trying to make a cake in it, and it was about the texture of a hockey puck...but with worse taste...) We have evolved enough to know that the microwave is not meant for Baking necessarily, but boy it makes a good hot dog on short notice.

I just laughed at this, and often wonder what it would be like for those of us who have lived in this time of quick and easy to be cast back to the dark ages....but I guess, we may find out if we don't get this downward spiral under control.


MOM said...

You are right. I am laughing my butt off. (On second thought, wish that were possible!) Anyway, I will be searching for more of Tom Green because he is so right-on and really funny.

Imagine Gran who has literally come from the first automobiles until today ... oh, everything ... washing machines used to be kept on the back porch and hauled into the kitchen and hooked up to the sink on "wash day." We used to WALK (can you believe it?) to the grocery store with an American Flyer red wagon and haul the groceries home. (up hill both ways as I remember it) TV was such a wonder, everyone in the neighborhood got together at night to watch together ... with all the lights off and a cloud of cigarette smoke hanging in the air.

We have all become accustomed to instant gratification.

BTW I'm glad you didn't stay with that foster family.

Love you, MOM

citygirl said...

That was AWEsome! I'm still laughing! Thanks for sharing! :)

I remember when you actually had to write a letter, stick a stamp on it and wait a week for your friend to get the letter and write you back. Now we have email and instant messaging...jeesh...we are so spoiled now!

Justine said...

Very funny and oh so true. I remember our first microwave oven - it was a delightful combination of dark brown and beige, only had dials (nothing digital) so it was impossible to set the cooking time accurately, and was about the size of delivery truck. My grandpa wasn't allowed to stand in the kitchen when it was switched on in case it did something funny to his pacemaker!