Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guilt is ALWAYS Lurking

So yesterday when I posted about Henry laying on the floor an moaning, I didn't feel the least bit guilty...I mean, life goes on, get up and get on with it... right??????

Yeah, nothing like a trip to the pediatricians, then to the hospital for chest x-rays to humble your snarky butt.

Little man has an ear infection and pneumonia...yeah. I AM FEELING LIKE MOM OF THE YEAR.

So today, the boy is laying on the couch saying "I want lunch mommy" and even though it is 10:18...I am getting ready to hop to and get that boy some lunch, because I fear that if I don't perhaps he will break a leg or something....

I also am considering holding an exorcism in my house to rid it of what ever unholy germs are residing here, because clearly since Christmas we have been under siege...

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citygirl said...

Yah...the guilt certainly lurks kinda like those germs in your house, heh? Have you tried bleaching the bathroom and any other surface that hands touch? A good disinfecting could help. And as a nurse...I encourage lots of handwashing and hand sanitizer to keep everyone's germs to themselves!

Don't be too hard on yourself though...as parents we are suppose to view things like sick complaints objectively...(are they just trying to get out of going to school or are they REALLY coming down with something?) Sarah is sweet but sly...you know?

Hope you feel better soon Henry!