Monday, February 9, 2009

Wants Through Henry's Eyes

Henry has been really sick this weekend. So I have been a little bit lenient about the TV...because otherwise my melodramatic little man lays on the tile floor in the kitchen and repeats “uuuhhhhh, I’m sick….uuuuhhhh I’m sick"

Let me tell you how long you can listen to that...try pounding nails under your fingernails...yup about that long. So alas, I have given in to the big bad TV monster. He has gotten attached to a particular Franklin where Bear has a baby brother.

This morning Henry sidles up to me all sweetness and smiles, and puts his head on my shoulder…

“Mom, I want a baby brother…and a moose animal and a bird.”

seeing my look of horror he continues:

“But if you have to, they can be stuffed...not the baby brother though, he has to be real so he can play”

I am not sure that you all are even wondering about my response to this…

Henry is still sitting out in the snow bank I threw him in an hour ago…

I am only kidding…he is actually on the couch...we are currently sitting in an odd silence...


Albert A Rasch said...

Miss Pie,

Well, you are a funny one I will grant you that!

I'm working on a new blog that is going to revolve around family, children and the outdoors. I already do a hunting and fishing one, but I intertwine so much family stuff in it that I thought I would branch out.

I'll be following and reading your blog regularly from now on, I can tell that your stories will be of sterling quality!

Albert A Rasch
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles
Proud Member of Outdoor Bloggers Summit
Southeast Regional OBS Coordinator

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...


Yet another tale that has me laughing at work and my fellow workers shooting me those oh so interesting "looks" of annoyance.

So when is number two arriving? :)

citygirl said...

Hey, my nearly 5 year old girl behaves the same way when she is sick! Does Henry ask you to feed him popsicles too? LOL!

PIE said...
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PIE said...

Albert, Thankyou for the nice comments...I appreciate that. I am always happy to provide people with evidence that they can always be a worse parent! lol

Rabid Outdoorsman, do you mean #2 boy? or would be #4 child which would be enough to throw anyone in a snowbank and it would be my impending long term stay in a mental facility! ;-)

Citygirl...don't have boys! lOL just I haven't had to feed a popsicle, but perhaps they know my surly demeanor and are scared to ask...hmmmmm

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

3 kids! Gulp! How on earth did I miscount by that much! LOL!

Would they allow you to continue to blog from the mental facility? :) It might be quite restful!

Justine said...

I'll send you over my little one just as soon as he's born - we can do some sort of time-share thing with him. Would that make Henry happy? It would make me happy to think I could have a few months off and be safe in the knowledge that my little man was being well cared for in Maine!