Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Killer Icicles and Pretty Blankets

I am pretty sure that you may have clicked on this entry just because the title sounded a bit exotic... well it isn't.

OK so maybe the killer icicle is. Those of you that have read "The Lovely Bones" and wanted the guy who died by the icicle to die a horrible death...this one is for you:

I tried to get my grill in there so that you would know how Large this puppy is. My husband is a little scared of it, he tried to take it down with a shovel, then we decided perhaps it would discourage our neighbors dog from pooping in our yard if it was looming overhead...either is a monster and is growing everyday...

OK so the blanket thing: My sister and brother-in-law got me this exquisite blanket the other day..... I look at it every day and just smile, it is a deep red, and the opposite side is a tan two colors of choice...and it just makes me happy.

It isn't only my colors, but it also has leaves and birds on it...two of my other favorite things on fabric...(along with circles, and owls...)

So since it makes me happy I am sharing it here.

All because I won school board and they were proud of me...hmmmm, wonder what I get if I run for vice-president...I figure since I am running for school board now, the way that qualifications are going these days, I should be ready for a Vice President nomination in 4 years, besides, I can ALMOST see Canada from my house!

(Just a little humor no offending intended)


steffa said...

If you run for Vice President we will buy you a gun and a stuffed moose.

PIE said...

Make that an endangered wolf or something and a helicopter, and we will be good to go!

steffa said...

You got it girlfriend... I will throw in a trip to Alaska too. Maybe Russia?