Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Maybe THATS the Problem...

Henry is sneezing his brains out, literally.

Henry has yet another cold. So I am doing the, tissue chase, which is really not only to make him more comfortable, but to protect my entire house from being covered with his runny nose by the end of day.

When he blows his nose, I find (like many other things) I say the same thing my parents did to me:

"Blow, Blow harder, Blow your brains out" To get three good blows before taking the tissue away...

Today at lunch Henry's nose was running, and I asked if he needed a tissue, his response?

Typical Henry: "Ive been getting a lot of those."

Me: "What Tissues?"

Henry: "No, those runny brains coming out."

Note to self: Children are very literal, must remember so as not to alarm preschool teachers when my son goes to school complaining of his brains running out.

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BreeB said...

OK, OK! So I always told you to "blow your brains out." You have survived, brains and all ... let's hope the same holds true for Henry. We don't want the boy to blow them away.

Thanks for the good laugh today! MOM