Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I promised Henry wouldn't make my days serious forever!

Jamie is on his way up to Bucksport for a meeting tonight, so the kids and I are dining on 5 star affair...grilled cheese and soup from a can...I know that I should do better than that, but somehow, I just can't seem to get motivated to feed my children...is that a problem?

So we are sitting at the bar, (because apparently not only can I not fix my kids a healthy meal, I can't manage to set a table for them to eat at either...) Marshall announces that they are studying electricity in science. Caroline, my ever curious child says "what exactly is electronicity???" (no that is not a typo)

Henry turns in all seriousness and says "It is when Atoms are 2 degrees"

Now, I have to tell you, I look in astonishment at the boy, thinking...oh perhaps you ARE smart, maybe all those times you were banging your head on the wall, and running in circles until you fell I jumped to conclusions... (not that this was an accurate description of electricity, but to know that it involved atoms, well that was exciting.)

Then he proceeds to giggle and say "Atom tickles me and plays rough games"

Yeah, that's when I realized that he was talking about Adam his cousin and who in the heck knows what in the world the 2 degrees was...well, at least I had a moment of hope that the boy would someday move out of my basement...it may have been a fleeting moment, but I had it.

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Adam said...

sorry about that one pie XD
-Atom B