Wednesday, February 25, 2009

moving to a tropical island?

So, Jamie and I this past weekend decided to watch a movie with the kids. We got Nims Island. This was all good, until we woke up on Monday morning to another flippin' 6 inches of snow. Not nice fluffy middle of January snow, but back breaking, heavy as hell, crying while you are shoveling because it won’t get off your shovel, February snow.

(I am woman enough to admit that I actually did start stomping my feet and had a string of cuss words fly out of my mouth when the shovel nearly broke my arm every time I had to “throw” the snow off my shovel and it didn’t budge. Not to mention, due to the fact that we have had NO MELT yet this winter, I was trying to pitch it up a 4 foot snow bank.)

It has long been a real debate in our married life of where to live. We both have such strong opinions...(based on nothing but ignorance mind you...) of where we would be willing to live.

Because of our basic inability to "get over" our childhood biases or adult issues stemming from our continuous trek up and down the 95 corridor, we have narrowed ourselves to basically 3 states. VA, NH or ME....well clearly we have already covered 2 of these... and NH would not exactly be a climate change...

After glorifying living in a grass hut, playing soccer with a coconut, and being friends with a seal, (because movies are REAL) Jamie and I have decided that we need to move to a tropical island somewhere. Although, I am not sure that our families would be thrilled with us for moving, yet, further away…I guarantee they would find a way to visit more often if they thought there was a pina colada in the deal.

We sat there curled up under a blanket on our couch deciding that we could grow our own vegetables, Jamie could build stuff… I mean he’s an engineer…he could come up with something right? Marshall was only excited because she would again be allowed to have bananas again…yeah, that is kind of a long, sorted tale of Pie’s misguided attempt to be more conscious of how far our food has traveled, and is now a point of contention between my kids and I. (But to be honest, I was getting tired of buying them and having to make banana bread because the kids wouldn’t eat them…so don’t yell at me yet…)

I think in my complete distress at this hard winter, and my continually blue toes I have gotten shack whacky because I actually have started going on Google earth and looking at lone islands in the middle of the Pacific…

Perhaps I just need a vacation.


citygirl said...

Oh! My back aches for you!

Do you need someone to carry your suitcases? I mean, having your own personal nurse could come in VERY HANDY! He he he he he! (and I could be fed would never have to make banana bread ever again...I'll eat them!)

Hang in there...spring is only 24 days away!

The Hokie Family Tree said...

Come back to Virginia! We hardly ever get snow! ;)

Did you ever get your bag out of the garage?