Friday, February 27, 2009

Straight From the Headlines

"Woman Accused of Trading Kids for Pet Cockatoo and $175 Cash"

Nope, not kidding...I stared at the headline in disbelief, and then said to myself:


Hey, don't judge me, I really, really, really want chickens....

* I saw the article in our very own Portland Press Herald, however online I couldn't find that headline so I found it somewhere else. The top was the headline in the PPH.


Anonymous said...

Yes, "I Missed You!"

I saw the Cockatoo trade article this morning and began to wonder why more parents haven't done it. Your 20 year-old cousin is still available for a small price. It would beat the University of Chicago tuition and I would probably have more conversations with the cockatoo.

The "Two Choices" ought to be sent to John Rosemond. I can't believe he wouldn't have something to say.

Your mother wasn't the only one laughing. Don't forget, we remember phones that you had to ask an operator to get you a telephone number. "946-W, please." In fact, I think that was our number once--at least it popped out of my little cat brain all dusty and stuff. The "W" by the way, meant that we had a party line. That allowed you to listen to other people's conversations if you were careful and quiet. Our number would ring twice--yes it actually rang, no Rolling Stones song!--but the other family on the party line had one ring and we were not allowed to pick up the phone. It was their call! Sometimes we would pick up the phone and people would be talking. We just had to wait until they were done. Fortunately, we didn't share a line with a yenta, but some of our friends did. They might just as well go downtown and find a pay phone--only a nickel in those days--to get their call out in a timely fashion. Also, ask your mother how we only made a very few long-distance calls because they were so expensive. Couldn't talk more than 3 minutes--it cost dollars for that amount of time. Imagine today's teens with that limitation?

Your gandfather--your mother's and my father--born in 1908, remembered early radios, airplanes and automobiles. He lived to see a man on the moon. Wow!

Keep up the good work.

~ Uncle Duncle


That is a riot! I read this to my SIL who's having a day with her 2 1/2 year old monkey boy... good laugh! Loved the comment that a cocatoo is worth at least 3 kids 1 w/ a part time job!!! LOL!!! Thanks!

The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I would have held out for the bird and $200.

citygirl said...

Well, I don't know where there are any chickens right now...but Country Girl has lots-a-baby ducks!