Monday, May 26, 2008

The Black Plague

The Black Plague has finally left my house. I don't mean my is just coincidence that it started shortly after they got here and left when they did! (They are just going to have to trust that I am kidding there) But we have had the stomach flu go rampant through our house this week.

There was a time when I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors, ridding them of the refuse my 2 year old's rampage on my bedroom left, (feeling like I was going to die myself,) and I thought, this could so easily turn into that scene from the Ya Ya Sisterhood where the mother, taking care of her sick kids, goes a little wacko and runs away to some hotel for a week.

Yes, there was a point where that became a real possibility...But then I remembered gas prices, and thought to myself..."damn the oil companies! They have condemned us to a life of having to stay with our families in the bad times, because we can't afford to just take off!"

But alas, the rugs are cleaned, the house is sufficiently Lysol coated, and I have actually eaten my first meal since Friday. (And so far, it is still in my body...)So, I think that, (knock knock on wood,) we are going to get through this!

SO there you go, no posts since Wednesday, because of various exorcist moments in the house...but we are back on track, and hey...we may even go to the beach today after we pay proper homage to Memorial Day at a parade of remembrance.

Good day to all...


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Justine said...

Sorry to hear you've been struck down by the Plague; hope you are all on the mend now.
Fear not, we do realise that not all America is like NYC. We are fully aware that lots of America is even crazier...! We leave NY on Thursday and are driving through New England and up to Canada; we'll be passing through Maine and will keep a look out for you!

Is there a way we can communicate without having to publish each others comments on our blogs? Would you like to exchange email addresses so we can discuss Agatha Raisin books in private?!