Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Miracle of John Deere

In order to placate the kids and preserve our sanity we got a DVD player for our many 15 hour treks down south. I know, I know, I read when I had to do it my whole child life, and Crikey, I am better for it. But you know? we don't have a CB to entertain us...That is a whole other story.

Before we left, I borrowed a movie from the library about John Deere tractors for Henry. Somehow I was pretty sure that High School Musical wasn't going to do it for him. So when the girls were willing to live with out "Getcha Head in the Game," they reluctantly relinquished the DVD player. By reluctantly I mean after threat of bodily harm, and enough screaming from Henry to tire even the most determined child. So Henry would watch his John Deere movie, over and over and over again.

It actually got to be like 2 year old boy Valium...when he was getting rung up or acting up, we, as the good parents we are, would set him in my parents bed and put on John Deere. I was becoming quite attached to this little silver disk drug, so it was quite traumatic to have to return it to the library, for both of us. I did manage to pry it out of his peanut butter stained, jelly sticky hands and throw it quickly in the book drop, and peel out of the parking lot before he could go in after it.

There was a very catchy little tune during the movie "John Deere, builds a better plow, John Deere makes America Proud, John Deere, Its all about John Deere" (I did try to find this on line, but couldn't seem to find the tune to link.) I have decided that whom ever is on their new advertising team, they are geniuses and clearly need a raise. Because this is what I walked into the other day in my Den almost 2 weeks later. (Yes, the quality is horrific, but you can hear what I am talking about....)

The way he says "DEEEAAW" as though he is Wodney Wat, it does warm my heart. It also may possibly explain why at 30, he will be inextricably drawn toward things that are bright green and yellow, and why he cannot, for the life of him, purchase a red machine! Genius I tell you, Genius! I need to come up with a catchy tune about hiring Agriculture Educators in Maine...maybe my phone will start ringing!

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