Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The New Bane of my Existence

OK so I am not meaning my son, while he can be challenging, I have been instructed to deal with, and love him, until death do us part and I am fully prepared to do that. However, he has a new obsession that has made him, well...less than adorable.

His grandfather, who, I personally think was more excited to give this gift than Henry was to get it, gave my son a ride on four wheeler thing. He chose this instead of the John Deere, because my girls could ride on it also, and it fits two kids....and frankly, my children are so monstrously huge that Henry barely fits in the John Deere gator. So now we have the four wheeler...or the thing that I have to threaten lives over, recharge batteries to, break up fights about, and hide under a tarp from, my children!

When I used to kiss my son goodnight, he would smile at me and say "Nigh Nigh"...when he would wake up in the morning he would toddle into my room, pry open my eyelids and say, "you wakey?" Sadly, now, son goes to bed screaming "FOE WHEELOW," and wakes up, runs to the window to see if he can see it, when he can't (because it is masterfully hidden under a tarp) proceeds to run into my room, gets as close as humanly possible to my ear drum, and yell "MAMMA, I NEEEED TO RIDE MY FOE WHEELOW." Folks, this is a less than enjoyable way to be woken up. Only second to one of the kids with the stomach flu at 3 in the morning.

My every day is now based on when, and where that machine will be taken out...I tirelessly explain when and where that machine will be taken out. It was bad, until, last night. I realized that the four wheeler should be used for good...I can now use this machine to get things done, like naps, pooping on the potty, picking up toys, weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry...OK so not the last three, but the first three are a real possibility...

So ride on little man, love that machine, because now?...Now, I can hold it over your head like any other desperate mother trying to control her 2 year old would! OOWAAHAHHA
(For those of you wondering, that would be an evil laugh, not an acronym for: Only One With An Atrocious Henry And His Hellacious Attitude)
A Side Note: It was a very generous and well loved gift by the way. I would hate for anyone to think I was not aware of what an awesome gift that was!

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