Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it wrong to not like mothers day?

I have a small confession. I don't particularly, like mothers day. I know that this seems contradictory since, you know, I am a mother, and it seems to me that it should be a good day to relish in the guilt of others to get them to do nice things for me. Like the dishes, and the cooking etc... But somehow, it doesn't really ever work out that way.

Here's the thing. Have you ever noticed that Father's day, all the commercials are about going golfing for the day with other dads, or going fishing by himself, or having time to do what they want to do around the house with out being bothered. Each add shows a dad, or a couple dads together, in the throws of some adventure, game, or house hold project that they have been dying to get to...(unless they have a son, in that case the son is allowed to be the caddy, if they shut up and only speak when spoken to)


All the ads for mothers day are these big brunches with extended family, all the kids in tow. And a lovely Valium induced, comatose mother, sitting at the table in uncomfortable fluffy girl clothes, with a distant smile, after having fixed brunch for the entire extended family, donning the lovely paper mache pin of a giraffe (she thinks) on her dress...

Which leads me to:

If mother's day is a celebration of mother's and giving them a nice day and a break... GIVE THEM THE DAY OFF!

On top of that, I think that the more kids you have at home, like, in your house, and the younger they are, the more of a break you should get.... I am not saying that we shouldn't pay hommage to the older moms, and grandmoms,* but you know what? They aren't the ones with snot stains on their pants, and peanutbutter handprints on their shirts, walking around with little kids hanging off their clothing like extra appendages, and trying to use their "nice voice" to the screaming, whining children because it's mothers day, and mother's should have on happy voices on mothers day.

Yes I am an irritable, surly, cynic...and I loved my starfish pin with sequins...I really did. But secretly under all the smiling, girl clothes, and fruit salad, I was thinking..."I wish the house was cleaned yesterday when I was at work, and Jamie took the kids to the park today and let me have the entire day to myself at the house to work in my garden, read, nap and just be luxuriously alone."

Yes perhaps this is selfish, but you know what? Mom's rarely get to be selfish. Always putting others needs in front of their own, day in and day out.** So as a treat, maybe a selfish day would be lovely.

This is not to say that spending the day with the family, my sisters family and my grandmother wasn't was. And making the fruit salad wasn't bad, and I did get to get some work on the garden in...But when I woke up this morning and witnessed the disaster area tape that was strung around my house after a weekend of mommy working and "taking a day" for mothers day, it is going to take me the whole week to catch back up! SOOO crabby me says, Happy freaking day after mothers day, and dagonit, I am going to have fun doing the laundry and cleaning the toilet!

*Before you start flinging nasty comments my way, I do realize that I am absolutely blessed with the fact that women in my family have longevity, and I have both grandmothers, my mom and a mother-in-law. I certainly am not saying that I would want it any other way, and I recognize the blessing...and yes I do understand that there is a special kind of "bad place" for people like me when I die, and yes I am pretty sure I am going there.

**I also would like to say that I recognize that not all moms are like this...there are plenty that leave a lot to be desired...but I am not talking about them...I am talking about ME...ME ME ME ME know the unselfish kind!

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Alexis said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I feel the same way. And no.... your not going to that other place for feeling the way you do. Oh wait. Is the other place Tahiti along side a person-less pool??? In that case... that's EXACTLY where I'd like to end up. :-)