Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My New Jewels

OK so this morning I woke up, a lot less surly and irritated with the world, and feeling a little regretful that I was so...um...well un-thankful yesterday. I will not apologize for saying that I really don't like mothers day...I still don't. But when I came down stairs and my daughters brimming with excitement had forgotten to give me things they had made for me...well I softened a little.

So I put on my new beaded necklace and my new shell pin, and went to the grocery store with my son in his bug boots, and we got some nice looks! A few nods from other moms with various feather accessories, or lovely winter scarves with I love You Mom in puffy paint on them. But you know what? I do love my kids, and I love the fact that they made something for me because in between my rants, and seemingly impossible to predict temperament, they must think I am not half bad.

Then I ran across this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker...HMMMMMM....wonder if her kids LOVED her too on mothers day! LOL

( Picture from People)

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