Monday, May 19, 2008

Things That Make Me Thankful For My Insomnia

After two nights of insomnia, a condition I suffer with fair regularity, I am seething and jealous at the sight of peaceful sleeping beings. I have an itching desire to walk up quietly beside them and then lift their eyelids up with one hand and start poking them with the other and repeatedly whisper "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom," until they punch me in the face.

My insomnia is not every night, but rather it hits at various times, and when it does, it results in some strange behaviors, like searching for long lost high school classmates online, pretend booking vacations to foreign places, googling names to see what comes up, or shooting off random emails about virtually nothing to people at 3 in the morning.

Jamie doesn't like me googling his name because apparently his name has some pretty rank Karma that goes along with it. There are about 3 separate people with the same name that are on death row or are lifers in high security facilities...and then he gets all sensitive when I look at him a little funny when he starts chopping those veggies with a little too much might! But since I don't want him to leave me with the three kids, I don't do tease him about it anymore...yeah I am nice that way.

My favorite though, is when I email my parents with my ramblings that seem coherent, and I get an email back from my dad lecturing me on getting sleep and asking why am I awake at this hour? Um...did he not notice himself sitting upright at a computer at the same hour? Because, I know that this is the man who can sleep in the stands at a Nascar Race without earphones on*, and I am pretty sure he sleeps too hard for sleep typing...and perhaps I have inherited this affliction of insomnia from him.

Anyway, I went up stairs to finish folding my laundry and found my cats sleeping soundly...and for the first time, I was kinda... OK with not being the one sleeping...

OK so let me clarify WHY this was not an "AWWWWWW they are so cute" moment.

There is brotherly love, and there is brotherly love....This is neither, this is just ....eewwwwww.
Needless to say there will be no nose rubbing going on in this house with him in the near future!

* This actually is NOT an exaggeration. My husband and his friends used to go to the Richmond race when we were still living in VA, and we took my dad who is a big fan. He slept through the middle 400 hours of the race, sitting up right with his chin in his hand, and all the ZZZZZZOOOOOOOMing going on...No effect at all on his sleeping! There are times that I am amazed at what a freak he is! (and I mean that in the most loving way)

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