Thursday, May 15, 2008

It Stinks When Your Butt Falls in the Floor

So yesterday I had my 2 year old niece for the day. Let me tell you that she and Henry have got to have the funniest conversations ever. while they mostly comprise of the very adult banter: "you are wrong," "no, you are wrong," "no, you are wrong," which they seem to be able to continue on and on and on, until any normal person would be trying to find the nearest brick wall to bang their head into, they seem to think that this is the ultimate in conversational skills.

So we are driving Margo back to her house after they had been together for the day, and Margo says "Pie, tell me a story." Being the best aunt in the whole world...(and if you didn't know I held that title, I do, and I have the diapers in my trashcan to prove it!) I say "What do you want a story about?"

Margo: "Tell me a story about Butts"

Yes, your reaction may be about the same as mine, and while I was trying not to snort or choke on my own spit from laughing, Henry just smiled. Secretly on the inside, he was glad that he wasn't the only one in the family who liked fudgey biscuits.)

I had to ask, because there was a chance that perhaps I just misunderstood. "About what?"
Margo: "About butts."
Me: "About butts?"
Margo: "Yes"

OK, so about now, I am wondering what kind of fairy tale I can come up with ....a butt in a tower? no, that would not work. A poisoned butt who has been asleep for a few years? No that isn't believable (unless you have tried to sit through an entire 4th grade softball game on the which case that would be the most believable situation ever.) When my thoughts are interrupted...

Margo: "It is bad if your butt falls off"
OK, so at this point, I am not able to keep a straight face, or re-direct the conversation.
ME: "Have you seen a butt fall off?"
Margo: "It is bad if your butt falls off onto the floor"

Giggling, my daughter and I don't really respond, however Henry who has been listening intently to the entire biscuit conversation, gets a panicked look on his face....

The next few minutes were spent convincing Henry that his butt was still in tact. Margo sat smiling in her seat. I am not sure whether she was thinking..."My work here is done." or "Now this is a really good story about butts!"

Never the less, Henry's nether regions are still in tact, Margo is back home with her parents, and all is well in the 2 year old kingdom...

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steffa said...

OH MY GOD- I laughed until I cried. REALLY. I could picture the scene and it made me giggle more. I wish I could explain Margo's words but I am just as surprised as you. No butts have fallen off in our house. But I wish... wouldn't that finally get me a size 6?

Seriously though, how BAD were the diapers?