Thursday, May 1, 2008

not sure about this one

Ok, so we signed our middle child up for Karate lessons...all the right intentions here. She lacks self confidence, and we really felt this would help, as well as build responsibility, and control...which clearly her angry hand needed. And I think that her class will be know if they don't piss her off or anything.

So everything was going fairly well. Caroline was introduced, and I was able to watch her do her push ups and hip rolls and kicks etc... (can you tell I never took Karate?...I know, real shocker.)

All of the sudden they start doing choke holds and breaking free of I am thinking, I guess that is OK...I mean maybe that is part of what you learn right? I was a little skeptical since this is the 6-9 year old class...and was thinking... OK, who is going to put her in the choke hold other than me? (again, no CDS, that was sarcasm) But I could go a long with all this, kind of. You know, so the next time a bully at school tried to choke her, she will know how to duck her head and roll out of it. cool.

Henry, being his non-napped self was kind of being, well, a handful. So I am watching and listening to class in between coloring pictures of Curious George, convincing him to get his arm out of the drink machine and to stop trying to rob it, and coercing him out of the bathroom after the 17th hand wash. When I hear from away, "If they have a knife and are coming at you...."


I mean, in what situation is my 6 year old going to be in that warrants her getting in a knife fight? I hear that kids are rougher than they used to be, but I am pretty sure that elementary lunch room cutlery doesn't even include Knives. The bad end of a milk straw maybe, but a knife?

My husband thinks I am over I mean that like, never happens.... But I am still wondering if we have found the correct place. My husband swears that he talked to Sensei about what the programs focus was etc... and my husband told me it was all about self control and confidence. Now I am wondering if having waited so long for a SON, my husband has finally lost his patience and is trying to create an Ultimate Fighter out of my girl.... OR maybe he just sees that Caroline is the only one that is tough enough...somehow...I am worried.

I hope that this turns out to be a good choice, otherwise, I could be posting from a hospital bed in traction after and unfortunate altercation over bedtimes. we shall see!

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