Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some Days Its The Small Things

Some days it is the small things in life that are the best. Some days it is the menial little things like:
An 85 degree day in May, in Maine! WEEEHEEEW...

Or, getting all my veggies into the garden, and having hope that they won't die...

Like having eaten 2 whole meals today with out a whole lot of recourse! (I know, enough with the digestive issues in public...sorry, but I have to tell you, it really is something after the past 4 days!)

Like not being asked, not even once, to ride the foe wheelow...

Like not once, not even once, having to clean poop out of underwear! (I know way too much information there, but you know what folks? That IS my reality!)

Like being a total TV-aholic lately, which tends to happen when I am sick because that is all I do... sit comatose on the couch and flip channels and watch ridiculous things like, re-runs of Melrose Place, and become totally embarrassed that I used to love that show... It really was bad. I mean really bad. I didn't realize at the time how mind numbingly bad the acting was... or maybe I am just getting snotty...but I doubt it since I still love shoddy acting that I can laugh at. OK, I just rambled really bad and my mothers vein in her head is pounding...the point...what was the point?...OH YEAH... The Unit is back on tonight.

I know that this seems like a really strange thing, but I LOVE the Unit. I love the All State Man. I loved him in 24, I love him in The Unit, and gosh darn it...I DO feel safe in ALL States Hands (as long as they send him as the adjuster) There is something about him that I find so...well, I don't know, like he is a protector or something...with his big old bad self and deep voice. SO that is what I am going to do tonight. I am going to be a useless ball of flesh, and curl up and watch The Unit and waste the earths oxygen.

This of course is after I finish watching the 3rd show, of the first season, of Six Feet Under. I clearly am one of the only people that hasn't seen that show, but..well, it is good and I am already addicted. Between this and the fact that our library just got Twin Peaks...I think I may never get off my couch again.

My kids will learn to make dinner, and fend for themselves because Mommy has locked her self in the basement with the DVD player. I don't believe that this is a healthy thing...somebody stop me...but only after this commercial...

Like I said, sometimes it is the little things that just make you smile.

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