Thursday, May 15, 2008

blogging nightmares

OK, so I didn't blog yesterday, and while I am pretty sure that world continued to turn, (because I still had to peel my creased face off the pillow this morning,) it gave me nightmares. What up with that?

I had a nightmare that I came down in the morning to a bunch of comments and one was from a snippy guy who told me he really wished I would learn how to capitalize my letters...another that told me I needed to learn how to spell and gave me a list of words that I was going to be tested on, on Friday...It doesn't make a lot of sense, since I am far from being a national phenomenon. Obnoxious phenomenon to my friends that are forced to read this blog, but other than that, lets just say I am not making any news.

But these dreams woke me up twice, and now I am having flash backs to my high school freshman year. This would be the freshman year when I hadn't, we will just say, found my academic prowess yet. I spent the majority of those first few months plotting how I was going to spit in Mrs Gephart's mail box with out getting caught, when I was visiting my best friend Jenny. Who, I know reads this, and is currently sitting at her computer laughing and reminiscing of my braced faced bad self, and our super stealthy spit missions.

So I will blog today and I will do my best to use the right buttons on my computer...but really? I don't know why the stress, I am not sure that there is anyone who really gives a crap anyway...well, other than my mom, but we have already gone there, and I think that I have spiked her coffee with enough Valium that she is starting to mellow on my inability to remember the difference between loose and lose...and if not? She is in Alaska on a cruise so who cares!

Lots to blog on, but will have to split it all up for a few reasons. I know that while you are sitting with your coffee, and you are dying to know about the conversation that ended with "No ones butt is falling off, lets just end it with that." and the inability of our town to have a functional school board that doesn't need a time out and an intervention, there is only so much coffee in your cup, and time that you are willing to waste on my ramblings. Don't you love my ability to be sensitive?

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