Thursday, June 19, 2008

Am I Losing It?

My cool that is…not temper, but my ultimate coolness, which many may argue, I never really had, so I shouldn’t be mourning its loss.

Last night was a night out. I went with my sister…to…The Christmas Tree Shops. Yes, folks, that was my night out. We got together and went shopping. In my defense, I did find some cool curtains, and a GIANT coffee mug. (Clearly I need a giant coffee mug that holds practically an entire pot…oh did I forget to tell you that school is out?)

We decided that we needed to have a girls’ night out. Dana couldn’t come because her husband was going to a night meeting…so my sister and I just went shopping. NOT that Dana is this wild party girl who forces us to go to bars to swill wine or anything…she probably would have loved to go shopping…I want to be clear on that before she hurls a big empty at me! (She is laughing right now; I promise…she has a good sense of humor…right?????)

But I laugh, because those of you that know me, know that most of the time, I am not a big shopper. I am one of those annoying people who put lots of things in my cart, and then take them out one by one as I decide that I cannot afford to waste money on myself. (This was a real turn on for my husband, who can safely hand me any credit card in the world, and know it is safe. Unless there is a giant sale on gum or something.)

I have to tell you though; I would do what we did last night, any day of the week. It was quiet; I was able to mercilessly make fun of pink flamingos with spring necks, and garden ornaments that looked like they were even embarrassed to have been made.

I was able to have a fun conversation with an adult, and I haven’t been shopping with out bribing with donuts, pulling toys off shelves to “pretend to buy, but really only be placating,” or had to repeat the words “Almost done” one million thousand billion times in I don’t know how long. (That is a real number…any mother can tell you that!)

I had such a ball; we wandered in the land of useless stuff that you are convinced you need, for an hour and a half… I bought stuff…for myself…and then celebrated with a Margarita.

I now realize why my mom turned into a shopper after having kids. She lost her Cool too.

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