Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life In Our World

OK so we were headed to karate yesterday, and I saw this crawling up into my neighbors yard. We see them every year, but I rarely get to get I thought I would share them.

Yeah, it kinda DOES make you want to swim in our pond doesn't it?

I like this one, because she/he? was clearly smiling as though she was thinking..."Get a little closer lady, because the minute you do, the camera and your prominent nose are MINE....come on....just a little nibble???" GQ Turtle right there if I ever saw one...even has some snail accessories!

The last one I will include, was, well, totally PIE world. There was some serious unadulterated snail action going on, on the back of this dudes shell. Man, it was like a snail nudest beach. Most of them didn't even have their shells...and I am not sure, but I am fairly positive there was some serious spineless romping going on. so I thought i would share, because, well you know, life just can't be too interesting to pass up sexy snail shots on the back of a snapping turtle...*

*I am fully aware that my picture taking privileges may be seriously taken away if I don't stop with my mindless snapping of nature...I can't help it, it is a sad, sad addiction...


Anonymous said...

Naked snails? You sure they're not slugs? (Tough to tell from the photo.) Same thing to a lay person, I suppose.

~ Uncle Duncle

PIE said...

Pretty sure they weren't slugs, I have never seen a striped slug like that. The bodies had the coloring of snails...but why are you asking me???? YOU are the biologist! LOL