Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Lesson Learned...

...Along with never frying bacon in the nude, (which I fail to see WHY anyone ever learned such a lesson in the first place,) a close second should be: never sauté asparagus in a sleeveless shirt.

Especially when you forgot that you were heating up the Olive Oil and it was on the stove for oh, about 25 minutes "heating" and the Asparagus is wet. (For those of you who may not understand the properties of Oil and Water? THEY DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER.

My children's ears are scarred for life, and I am pretty positive that I will get a call home from a teacher saying "Where did your child learn to say such things?"

I believe that I may have sounded very much like the father in "A Christmas Story"* fixing the furnace...only it was real life, so my grumblings were audible, and yes, Henry did scream "Shit" and then giggle. NICE PARENTING!

*A Side Bar: OK I liked the movie...but Seriously?????I think that may border on stalking...I mean, at least I only stalk Brits in New England!

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