Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only In Internet World...

...would you imagine that similar people, living a big pond away, could discover each other through Agatha Raisin...and what’s more, who in the world ever would think we would meet in person? Perhaps I should write a thank you note to MC Beaton.

As you may remember in past posts I have commented on the couple that is traveling around the world and how I love to live vicariously through their blog. Well they have been traveling in our lovely New England area...and today I got to meet Justine and Nathan, aka “Hubby”, today as they traveled through my neck of the woods on their way to Portland.

I have to tell you it was very exciting for a few reasons:

1. I got to drop off Henry at my sisters’ house, and eat a whole sandwich and have a chat that wasn't interrupted by "did you go poopy in your pants? I can smell something bad Henry....are you sure?...awww man...you DID" followed by awkward stares and people covering their noses trying to be discrete.

2. I got to have adult conversation

3. I got to meet people that I almost feel like I already know because I have been reading about their life for the last few months...yeah I know, It does sort of feel like stalking, but I promised them I wasn't psycho...so I didn't even follow them after they left...wasn't that nice of me?*

4. I got to have adult conversation.

5. I got to hear about where they are from, and their travels, and even talk their ear off about my opinions of the USA etc... (I am sure that their ears were sore after they left.)

And lastly…

6. Yup you guessed it; I got to have an uninterrupted, lovely, adult conversation.

But most of all, and I really do mean this, they are the most lovely people. My mother always has told me that I have never met a stranger, which may be true. (I can meet someone on a plane and be scheduling a visit in 10 minutes.) But really, they were like old friends at once, I felt at ease with them straight away, and felt as though we could put our feet up on the coffee table, down a beer (or should I say a couple of pints), and chat all evening.** So here’s to blogging and making the world a very small internet café!

*Justine, please don’t start getting worried and changing your email I really am kidding…
**I should be careful, they could be driving away to Portland, saying “Can you believe what a strange duck she was? Lets change our email quick…or she might track us down in Portland…oh heck, lets just go straight away to Canada!” (Later I will see a post where I star in “Only in America Part VI” LOL)

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Justine said...

Dear Leia
We loved meeting you so much that we've decided to start stalking you. See that car parked outside your house...

HA! Only kidding.
Justine & Hubby