Monday, June 16, 2008

Views from the Vegetables

I thought I would update on the gardening know, since this time of year I have to get up really early to write my blog, as I am generally so obsessed the rest of the day with training climbers, setting up trellises, and wandering aimlessly analyzing the mm of growth that took place since the day before.

I do have a bit of a redneck looking garden, I am sure that my neighbors are all "nice freaking warped wood stands..." and wondering what kind of neighbor they might have. But here's the thing, when I am sucking down fresh apples and making fresh salsa out of my front yard, I will be like "yeah, who is the ugly gardener now????" But until then? I am all "you better watch your dogs because I am going to lock them in my basement for the rest of the season if they walk in my garden again."

I know I haven't strung my gorgeous trellises yet...I WILL...But we went from 5 beds to 11 beds this year, so...well I have been a little busy.

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Country Girl said...

Your gardens look good, not at all redneck! I can't wait to make salsa!