Thursday, June 12, 2008

My First Harvest

My first harvest of radishes is in. these are the two prettiest...had a worm in one...agggghhhh

So those of you who have been reading know that I am kind of, well, and agricultural enthusiast. So as you can guess, It makes me just smile and turns my day good to know that soon I will have all sorts of goodies in the garden!

Of course reading the Animal Vegetable Miracle, isn't helping my enthusiasm, and Jamie is starting to panic every time I meet him in the driveway because he knows it means a jaunt through the garden so I can "show" him something. Which generally means, the 1 mm of growth from a carrot or a cabbage...or to show him that I REALLY NEED TO GET MY TRELLISES UP.

I sort of think of gardening as Jamie's Nascar. When we first met, I was all "oh yeah, lets go to a race, it will be fun" and in college that was fine because I had enough beer or bourbon to keep it interesting. Plus we would actually GO to a race. Which when you are there, there is enough to look at to keep in me...there is ALOT to look at, much of which , should never be seen in public, but there it is flapping about in broad daylight! After a while though, we stopped going to the races and resorted to watching them on TV, and I kind of got honest and allowed to how it might be more fun to pluck my nose hairs for the afternoon then sit on the couch on a pretty day and watch cars go around in a circle. Go figure.

Jamie was the same way about gardening... in the beginning he was all "I'm a Northern Necker, I grew up around farms," Mr Agricultural Engineer and all...He would diligently help me rototill and hoe, and plant. But then it came time to actually weed, or harvest. And I would turn around and Jamie was no where to be found. Now when ever I mention the word garden, he gets this glazed over look and starts reaching for the bourbon. (Perhaps we need to evaluate our coping mechanisms...)

The fact remains I love him anyway, and we just have to agree to not always enjoy the same things, or any of the same things...well other than 24 and bad reality TV.

But YEAH I have radishes, so it all works out!

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