Friday, June 27, 2008

A Cute Little Story for a Friday Afternoon

This week has been an insane week. One of those weeks where you have a meeting every night of the week...which is kind of interesting since I don't even work in my career what the heck? I am volunteering to have my life be a running around mess...this is definitely something that I have to think about...But I do smile when I think of this story so I am going to pass it along.

My father in law who, for the record, still visits the barber regularly to trim the sides of his hair and to make sure that there isn't any major fuzz action happening where it shouldn’t, was sitting in front of Caroline...being the sweetie pie that she is, she was rubbing the top of his head lovingly.

Suddenly, a shocked and astounded Caroline proclaimed loudly: “Papa! Your hair is growing back!”

I feel fairly confident telling this story because I am pretty sure that “papa” laughed harder than the rest of us. I would not however tell this story if it was my husband, who is just now figuring out that he is going bald. This is due to an unfortunate incident with a security camera at a Wendy’s.

(He was looking at the security camera TV, observing the bald spot on a man in front of him, when in a face draining moment, he realized that it was his own head he was observing in the camera.)

Now he is a little sensitive about the whole I am going to not go there...because I fear the retaliation, there are PLENTY of things that I don't particularly like to admit are happening to my body...and let me tell ya, it ain't all pretty that is FOR SURE!

Have a good weekend to all!

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