Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June 3rd The Little Man's Debut

Three years ago on this date I was the size of a water buffalo, waddling around, cussing every obstetrician in the local area for not having realized that when you are 6 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and on your third child, you walk around worried that you will be featured in the headline:

"Woman Drops Child Out of Her Pant Leg at Local Bank"

After about a week of my incessant whining, and swelling extremities, my husband called in desperation. I think he was ready to deliver the baby himself just to get his wife back. When they finally talked to me, they decided that inducing me would not be a bad idea. I think that it was, perhaps, oh I don't know, 30 minutes and 1 push, and the boy was here. Even the Doctor was a little surprised, and apologetic for not having believed me that Henry was already climbing out before I even got there!

As you may have guessed this would be my Sons 3rd birthday. So I thought that I should dedicate at least one entry as a Henry Tribute Post. So here it goes:

Alright little man, I never have really understood what was going on in that head of yours. You definitely have a time of your own. You were born, walked, talked, and understood things when you wanted to, and really could have cared less about other people’s time frames.

Your wild blond hair that seems to never rest, is kind of like you. Every morning it is sticking out like every strand was trying to make a run for it in the middle of the night, and it makes me smile every time you wake me up by opening my eyes for me. I think it probably fits your personality, a mind of its own, just like you!

On one hand you are everything I was warned about with having a boy...on the other, you are much more than I ever bargained for. You are so typical in so many ways, I mean, a lawn mower can make you comatose and sit drooling while you watch it mow, as though it was the best thing on earth. Yet at the same time, you can play with your “lovey bears” like a true mother, rocking them to sleep and putting them to bed. You are my empathetic little charmer, learning how to wield your power a little more every day, a definite Gemini.

Emotional and Demanding; in one respect a true young soul, with so much impatience to just get on with it, and yet sometimes, a seemingly old soul with wisdom, that just marinates in your surroundings and then reminding us about all the happenings months later. I swear you have the brain of an elephant, and will probably be able to have a list starting at your 1 year birthday for your therapist…I on the other hand will have blocked all of this out! (Except for your smile and hugs!)

Particular to a fault, yet free spirited....My son, you are a juxtaposition...a study for sure. You keep me on my toes, and keep me madly loving you, even though you are loving making me mad!

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