Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Encouraging E-mail from My Uncle

Pie -

I heard this quote on an NPR interview of writer Isabel Allende: "You need to have a weird family to be a writer."

WOW! You're as good as in the writer's guild!*

love, UD**

Thanks for the encouragement UD. It is good to know that I shall never be short of something to write about...see, it IS like therapy!

*He DOES understand that he is part of that family right??? So I guess he is free game now! OOOWAAHAAAAAA (evil laugh)

**UD is short for Uncle Duncle...the very clever name that I slapped him with at a young age.

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The "Uncle Duncle" said...

* Yes he does recognize the fact that he is part of the crazy family--maybe one of the crazier!

** He still enjoys being "Uncle Duncle" after all these years.