Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Scenes from the Garden

I am looking forward to having veggies!

I am generally not a totally negative person, but I am terribly pessimistic when it comes to gardening in the spring. I first plant my seeds or seedlings, thinking that they are doomed to be eaten or otherwise killed by weather, global warming, neglect, aliens, or any other possible excuse I can find.

So when it comes to be late June, I am always elated every morning when I go to the garden to see if there is anything else coming up, and lo and behold, there are actual plants surviving in my midst!

It never fails, every year I start the season grumping and cussing, and by late June I am jumping for joy and taking endless pictures of my garden's progress, (and then boring all my friends, family, and fauna with showing them off).

I think at some point the Garden Gods are going to send blight down to my raised beds just to shut me I had better start being more positive and saying my thanks when I put those new plants and seeds in the ground.

So here you go, my update on my garden progress, below you will find: a squash flower, beginning broccoli, my first green tomatoes, Potato flowers, and pea flowers (which I happen to think are just beautiful!)


Anonymous said...

I'm that way too. But surprisingly, this year my plants have survived! My bonsai tree (yes, it's on a shelf in my room) is doing well, even.

Anonymous said...

Have you read "Old Time Gardening Wisdom" by Jerry Baker? It's really good. I have a copy in my "greenhouse", and I use it for whenever I have a question. It's good stuff.
P.S. Your kids sound so funny. Henry reminds me of my little brother.