Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Dreaded Chemistry Set

OK so, sometimes I feel like Jim Carey in Me Myself and Irene when it comes to my kids. Not that I am so unbelievably blind that I don't realize they aren't mine... (They have too much of my sarcastically bad attitude for that to be true!)

But the fact that they are really smart...smarter than me*, and sometimes I find them plotting in the basement and I am pretty sure that they are coming up with a sinister plan to take over the town...but I am not smart enough to read their equations on the chalk board, so I just pretend it is just a nice game of school and Lego's.

So anyway, my middle child, (whom I send to school with a disclaimer saying "will resort to bad things if not kept busy,”) wants a Chemistry set for her birthday. So, now I am in the great quandary of: hmmm do you give her the Chemistry set and risk the house blowing up? Or deny her interest in science and pay for years of therapy when she is trying desperately to "find herself" because her true passions were denied at 7 years old.

Hard choice. Although, it could be a positive thing, maybe she will develop a cure for teenage angst, or a magic potion that makes your husband and son put the seat down after they pee. WHO knows? It could all be for the greater good.

Although, I may need to put a sign in my front yard with this picture saying:

Middle child too smart for her own good experimenting with Chemistry in the basement...
enter yard at own risk

*Well let me amend the smart thing...I am still smarter than the boy. Which I shouldn't be so proud of considering he just turned 3...give him time, and I will be a bumbling idiot to him too!


PIE said...

Jenny emailed me this and I just had to post it! and Jen, I took the liberty of linking to the picture of Gene Simmons that you sent to me! You actually read my mind, when I saw that picture the first time... dreadfully I thought the same thing!
here is the email from Jenny:

So, if you are going to compare a picture of Henry to Nick Nolte's mugshot, I must say your latest picture of Caroline on your blog brought Gene Simmons to mind....maybe ?

Please know you are always free to compare pictures of my kids to anyone you wish...with the exception of Paris Hilton and George Bush because that would be plain wrong.


MOM said...

OK, so here is the dreaded MOM getting into the act. Your Dad and I will give "Sweet Caroline" the chemistry set and give you another whole blogging opportunity. I'm running for cover already.

However, in commenting on the "plotting" of your children I have to remind you of you and your sister's evil plots!

Recording angry fights and slaps and turning on the tape recorder at the top of the stairs during Dad's favorite program, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,"(who knew?)was just one of those famous plots. You did it just to hear my screams and watch your father's eyes spin in their sockets.

Keep us all notified whether the Bean's Karate lessons teach her patience or just how to subdue all those who deny her.

And Jen, you are right, Paris Hilton and George Bush would be very wrong.