Monday, July 28, 2008

Angst: Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Pronoun

OK so do you remember those years when being sullen was a sport? No? Hmmm perhaps I was at the Olympics by myself for that one. I remember it pretty well.

My eldest seems to be hitting that age a little earlier than I did, but from what I hear, I have poisoned her with highly hormonal meat and milk so much as a child, that now she is going to have gigantic boobs, and hit puberty early. (This rather scary picture of gigantic boobs and zits with lunch boxes going through my head right now, is very unsettling.) But there is nothing I can do about it now. Of course as we got educated, we changed how we bought milk and meat. We are more aware of it, and Jamie is glad, he was worried about Henry having double D’s in middle school.

None the less, last night, tonight??? (it is all running together as it is 2 AM and insomnia hits again!) I was taking camera footage of the kids…I know I know, SHOCKER.

Caroline had made up her own brand of dancing called “Sallet” (Pronounced like ballet with an s) which she claims, is “just like ballet but much more exciting because it is full of leaps and turns and stuff” I filmed it like a diligent mother. Ooohing and aahhhhing, as she leapt around the room, frequently knocking over lamps and tables, and running into the TV cabinet from time to time in her rendition of “sallet”. Then, there was the boy, who, was dancing to his birthday card music in his underwear. Yeah, another real shocker.

I turn the camera on Marshall and say, what shall we film you doing? This is what I got for her.

OH YEAH…I have some fun years ahead of me!

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