Friday, July 25, 2008

An Apple A Day???

It has been basically torrential down pours here for a week. I believe that there were tornados that touched down in NH. Of course they aren’t calling them that yet…because clearly the pictures of trees pulled out of the ground and a light pole snapped off like a twig aren’t enough…perhaps they need to have the side of a house pulled off while the guy is reading the paper on the john in order to classify it…don’t know.

So yesterday my daughter…(the dreaded chemistry set, dreaded backpack one) got her raincoat out. I would say she hasn’t worn it since…oh, maybe April. (This is important you will see)

She puts it on, and I hear a shriek. “WHAT IS THAT???”

She has pulled her hand out of her pocket with a look of disgust on her face. I peer into her pocket slowly in fear. Folks…I couldn’t tell what it was. At first it looked like a giant rat curled up in her coat pocket. I was going through all the instances in our life that would allow a rat into our house…(yeah ok, you all have seen how dirty it is, never mind.)

Refusing to touch it myself, I said “well what did it feel like?” hoping not to hear “Furry” as a response.

Slimy” was the response I got. Then I started to get a little hot under the collar…this is my kid, who just 2 weeks ago realized that she hadn’t unloaded her lunch box from the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! She is the one that when we clean out under her bed we are fairly sure that we are going to find immigrants waiting for citizenship. She is the one that seems to have a habit of “forgetting” to clean up after herself, and now, she was the one with a rotten apple, (yes apple) from April, in her coat pocket.

With the gag reflex being what it is my family, you can only imagine what the clean up was like…it was a whole lot of yelling, gagging, and then eventually giggling because really? And I think my mom will agree…it is SOOOOOOOO something I would have done.


Anonymous said...

I laughed and gulped when I read the post about "Beanie" girl, AKA Caroline. Pie, you thought it might remind me of you, but alas it brought back an experience of my own from two weeks ago.

I have a lovely leather and canvas school bag that I load with all my books, graded papers, and occasionally lunch items. This bag goes back and forth to work with me daily. Although I dutifully load it with work to do at home, the "homework" often loses out to the golf course and makes the round trip untouched.

With the end of the semester looming, I traveled into the lovely bag's deepest, darkest crevices. And behold ... a large flat black item was down in the folds of the lining. Yes, Beanie, you do have a grandmother who left a banana in her bag for over a month. So apparently genetics can bite you in the butt from several generations back.

Love you all and can't wait to see you on Saturday.


Country Girl said...

That is too funny! I was picking picking the kids up from school in June and found an egg in my pocket and then forgot about it and broke it. The kids thought that was a hoot. We too have had lots of rain, you are way more South than us so I think you were hit harder by the winds. Have a great weekend Pie! ~Kim

Nathan (aka - hubby) said...


I had to laugh about the apple story - my sister did something similiar. We used to get an apple a day for our lunch and I always ate mine or used it to play cricket with, but my sister hated them did she tell my mum? Er No she used to keep them and at the end of the summer term I had to get something out of her school bag and I found 27 apples of various states of 'rotteness' what amazes me is she used to carry all of these appes to and from school.

Nathan - (Justine's long poor suffering Hubby)