Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Summer Science Project

Yes I know that virtually every kindergarten class around the country does this in the fall. But we found a Monarch Caterpillar and put it in our Butterfly habitat, fed it milk weed and it has made its cocoon. I thought I would share those updates as well. We followed a cocoon last year in the garden, but we thought it was neat to be able to watch it everyday. (And keep it off my obedient which it seemed to really like to chow on)

Interesting fact: Did you know that milkweed flowers smell just like lilacs? At least very similar...I was kind of shocked but have been walking around with one shoved half way up my nose ever since...(you may have guessed I love lilacs)

I know I know I just have an overabundance of information today.


Country Girl said...

That is cool! We have lots of milk weed here. Did you know that goats are not suppose to eat milk weed? My goats occassionally get a hod of a moutful but we try and keep them away.

PIE said...

I had no idea! How come? Does it hurt their stomach???