Monday, July 14, 2008

Brads Garage Update #2

This weekend the slab was poured and treated. Today Rob has started on studding the top level. We are getting excited to see what that is going to look at. We ordered our tub, so that should be in for the girls bathroom soon, and we have started taking all of Henry's room apart to start its morph into a bathroom...he is N-O-T not thrilled about the prospects of having his room be taken apart. But is, however, enjoying bunking in with the girls.
OK well off to try and find the floors of my house. But I will be writing my "Caroline letter" today as it is her birthday...yes it is Bastille Day as well, but since I am not French, I will have to primarily celebrate Caroline's birthday...maybe with a croissant!

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Country Girl said...

The garage looks great!