Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For the Readers Among You

OK so Jill sent me the link to this and since I am weak when it comes to a new website that I can sign up for...I checked it out.

So far it looks pretty cool, readers will probably really like it...Jamie on the other hand would look at his empty shelf and say..."Read??? You mean I would have to read to join this? That sucks!"

This website allows you to rate books that you have already read, put some on a shelf of "roung to it somedays" and read other peoples reviews...similar to netflix.

However, I haven't discovered if they will do a recomendation based on your ratings...that would be great, because there is nothing worse than getting to the end of a series and having to figure out what to read next....right Justine??? My fellow Agatha-o-phile!

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