Friday, July 11, 2008

Garden Up Dates

Here we are now in the beginning of July. The garden is taking much so that I can barely walk between the back beds as the pumpkins that I planted have leaves the size of my first born child. I was not expecting this as last year they never really did much and we never really even got pumpkins for them. Not to mention the potatoes that seem to be taking over the whole garden. Also last year my bush beans didn't really, well, bush. This year? well it is like a jungle back there!

A jungle perfect for Japanese Beetle mating. It is like "swing town" back there in the garden. I had to disrupt them yesterday and I am putting up those little catchers this weekend to get rid of them. I try very hard not to hate things...but I HATE them...

You can't tell from the picture how junglesque the back is because it is taken from the front and far away, but you are just going to have to trust that I take a walkie talkie back there so that in case I get lost, or confronted by an Ape I have a back up plan.

The only real problem that has occurred is one that is a BIG problem. I jinxed myself, when I said: "I think at some point the Garden Gods are going to send blight down to my raised beds just to shut me I had better start being more positive and saying my thanks when I put those new plants and seeds in the ground." And now I believe I have early blight on my tomatoes. I have to address that soon or else I will lose my Roma's, and then my spaghetti sauce, salsa, bruchetta, frozen tomatoes for chili etc.... OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL!
on the upside if I could make spaghetti sauce out of cantaloupe I would be in good shape!

So Far: we have gotten our lettuce, peas, broccoli, zucchini, squash, radishes, onions, our first cucumbers and green beans, and are anxiously awaiting our tomatoes!


BreeB said...

Your dad says you have to buy varieties of tomatoes that are blight resistant. Check with your extension service. But he's a bit of a pessimist ... he just disagreed!!!

Dad says to put on sevin to get rid of beetles. It might also take care of your "small child" problem if you put it on his cereal. Just kidding.

Love you, the MOMster

Anonymous said...

Try milky spore - it is a bio control that is supposed to be specific to Japanese beetles. It won't help you this year, since it affects only the grub stage, but is supposed to work pretty well (I just put it down myself a week or so ago). Also, I knock beetles that are already on my plants into a jar of water with a little dish soap in it to break the surface tension and help them DROWN! (very satisfying).

-Ethan (Elyse's husband)