Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nothing Like a Jolt of BEEPS to Wake You

This morning, the kids were tired. I had to work last night so they stayed up late...but I can't blame a saturated fat coma on Jamie this time, I made lasagna for them before I left for work...I know, I know, that was very motherly of me, and yes, I am going to hang onto those "Good Mother Points" as long as possible; because it may have to cancel out the "two glass of wine mouthiness after I got home points."

So the little angels were sleeping in their beds, I was reading my morning blogs, and having my Life Juice (coffee) in blissful quiet...when BEEP BEEP BEEP entered the picture. All the sweet little birds that were chirping and wildlife that was residing in our woods ran like hell and screamed...(they still have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from the Target shopping center that was put into our woods 1/2 mile behind us.)

Within minutes the excavator was breaking ground for our new garage. (We had to; Jamie's old, non running truck was running out of storage space...) My kids with hair, well you have seen what their hair looks like, came to the top of the stairs, reeling and holding them selves up with the wall in their sleepy comatose state...

"MOM, WHAT IS THAT?" a nervous voice said to me...later it was revealed that they seem to have thought the turnpike was re-routed through our yard... (I never said that anyone in my house was logical...well maybe Jamie, but the engineer in him made him that way.)

The boy rolled his eyes (yes rolled his eyes) and said "I want to sleep in your bed." Which I gladly agreed to, because, he is NOT a lovely tired person...he is second to Satan when he is tired.

So he is happily sleeping away while the excavator starts to dig up our yard...he is actually going to be mad when he wakes up...but its not a John Deere so I don't feel too bad letting him sleep through it.

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