Tuesday, July 29, 2008

News From Behind the Trellises

Ok so here is the excitement for the garden today. My first potatoes. I pulled up two plants, only because I wanted potatoes with dinner. Mind you this is only from two of my bazillion plants! I may not get too many tomatoes this year (blight), but daggonit, I will have potatoes. Potato Tomato lets call the whole thing off... (Next year I am going to do upside down tomatoes, after inspiration from Leila)

Being the pessimistic gardener that I am, I refused to do any “grabbing” under there for shear fear that I had planted them in vain, and that there wasn’t going to be any potatoes. I said this to my dad…and he rolled his eyes at me, knelt down, stuck his hand in, and pulled out a very pretty little Yukon Gold…So I ravaged the rest of that plant and another for dinner tonight. It was a nice replacement for squash…and zucchini…too bad you can’t make clothes out of them, I would need no back to school shopping...Yes the march of the squash is still playing out here! I also made my first dilly beans and jars of bread and butter pickles (from squash and zucchini)…my dad has already decimated one jar of pickles, and my husband another... so I had better get making some more tomorrow…have to get jars. I have to get to making more dilly beans…we have been eating the beans as fast as I can pick them, but I have a sister and father who LOVE dilly beans…so I had better work on getting some of those packed up! And my last foolish but totally exciting news from the garden today is, yeah I have a watermelon growing that I can actually see under the jungle of vines!
OH and one more thing…check out my most awesomest birthday present from my mom…yeah, she gets the gardening thing…My parents had a rockin’ garden when I was growing up.

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Country Girl said...

We have a food saver, they are the best! Watermelons, I've never had any luck with them here, what do you have for soil in southern Maine? How about that dilly bean recipe, would love to have it. My beans are just coming in!~Kim