Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Elvis Has Not Left the Building

I haven't given up on my daily groaning about the drudgery of life, I have simply taken a small vacation. You know the kind of vacation where: Your grandmother falls and breaks her collar bone and sends the family into "on alert" mode...Your sister-in-laws family of 5 (almost 6 hee hee hee) comes to visit for the week...the addition to the house begins, and the car breaks down (of course,) and you get the first heat wave of the year (without air conditioning of course) all at the same time. It was like the perfect storm, a convergence of stress that creates the biggest shit storm of the century!

BUT being the Pollyanna that I am...(sense the sarcasm?) I have to say, I loved spending time with the Gonzalez family, whom I adore, and my uncle was here to take on the first part of Nurse Nightingale, and hopefully the fuel pump that went bad in our car will not cost us our first born child...however, the way she acted this week, we might consider that a good deal!

Per request of my very excited father in law, here is the most recent, (this morning) picture of the progress of our garage addition.

I will commence my snark fest tonight or tomorrow morning...because with 10 people in 1700 sq feet...there is bound to be some funny stories right????

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